Good Company (Berrett-Koehler Publishers, September 2011) lays out the convergence of social, economic, and political forces that have ushered in a new era in business, in which good corporate behavior is no longer optional, but the key to success.

Each year the Nautilus Book Awards look for distinguished literary and heartfelt contributions to responsible leadership and positive social change.  Good Company is the recipient of the 2012 Nautilus Book Award in Business.

Economist Laurie Bassi, with her coauthors Ed Frauenheim, Dan McMurrer, and Larry Costello, prove the point with their extensively researched Good Company Index.

Ranking the Fortune 100 as employers, sellers, and stewards, they show that better-ranked companies in the same industry outperform their competitors.

Good Company sounds an urgent warning that bad companies will wither while worthy ones will thrive.

The book’s table of contents is as follows:


Part I. The Worthiness Era
1. The Worthiness Imperative
2. The Economic Imperative
3. The Social Imperative
4. The Political Imperative

Part II. Evidence and Rankings
5. Goodness Matters
6. Ranking Companies

Part III. Good Employer, Good Seller, Good Steward
7. The Good Employer
8. The Good Seller
9. The Good Steward

Part IV.  The Future
10. The Worthiness Era
11. A Hopefully Idealistic Vision

Appendix: Good Company Index: Sources and Scoring

Selected Works for Further Reading

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